Friday, December 28, 2007

Hey Santa

Where's Vin Disel and my billion dollars?

Just kidding! I had a nice holiday. Got lots of sweaters, yummy sweet smelling things from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. Al gave me a watch and some perfume. The nephews racked up too.

I have some photos and will post them later tonight. Forgot to burn them to a CD and bring to work.

Got Granny home ok by lunch time. She was getting restless and getting into things at home. I bet she unpacked and packed her Xmas presents at least 50 times yesterday. This morning it took ages to get her stuff together because she kept taking things out of her suitcase and asking who's stuff it was. She's not able to do much like the dishes or even lock the back door. We helped her pick out clothes and turn on the shower. I swear Alzheimer's is a wicked evil disease.

Work's been a bit slow but I knew it would be. Once 2008 has arrived we'll get busier. Sam's Club in Lumberton has asked me to send some business cards. They're gonna refer restoration work to me. I'm a bit surprised but also pleased. I had them to print up some 11 x 14's that the lab didn't have time to do and they were impressed with the work (it was collages). I've got a plan working .... yes, to go out on my own and it will take a few months to get there but it's in the works. Wish me luck.

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