Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tooth Fairy

Ben was eating an apple last night and lost one of his front teeth. Since he and William were spending the night, I got to play the tooth fairy game. It's amazing how hard children sleep. When I reached under his pillow for the tooth, I had to lift it a bit so I could get the teeny tiny tooth. In doing so, his head fell off the pillow. I held my breath but he never woke up.

First thing he did this morning was look under the pillow. He got $5.00. It was that or a $50.00. I think I made the right choice. He asked me how come he didn't wake up when the tooth fairy got the tooth from under his pillow. I told him she sprinkles fairy dust on his eyelashes so he stays asleep.

William piped in..'Hey I didn't know that!'

You learn something new every day, don't ya William?

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