Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shopping with Momster

Cha-ching! Mom and I had a rare moment of shopping tonight at J C Penneys. She bought some presents, I bought a sweater! A pretty pale pink one. I should wrap it and say it's from Santa but I've already done that with the Pirates of The C at World's End DVD.

I'm done with my shopping except for a vist to the ABC store for 2 gifts. Yay Me! (man, I've been watching too many of the Suite life of Zack and Cody episodes).

Yesterday wasn't that great of a day at work for me. I felt as if all the pressure I'm under was pushing me off a ledge. It was all I could do to get things done. But today was much better even if I'm still a mountain behind my work. I'll go in early tomorrow and get a lot of it done before we open the doors.

I left my little cookbook at Al's. It has my secret Truffles recipe. I guess I'll make them at his house this Sunday. Unless he punishes me by dragging me by my hair to the mall. He's been depressed this week. The holidays are tough for him since he's the black sheep of his family... and they act as if they don't want him around. My family consider him one of us, but it's not the same as flesh and blood. I'm so glad he doesn't drag me to visit them--it's uncomfortable being around them and their 'we'll overlook your evilness since it's the holiday' attitude they have towards Al.

Tomorrow night I'll tackle my chinese candy, my Swedish Heirloom cookies and my Spice Butterscotch cookies. It shouldn't be hard since my shows are either off or re-runs. Maybe I'll put on some Xmas music and dance around in my Santa hat and apron (only). Haven't made any cakes or pies this year. I'm sure a few peeps will be crying when they can't find the pecan pies.

Nip/Tuck was pretty goooood last night. I got a kick out of the carolers. And was happy to see that Matt is trying to get his life back together. And any episode that has manly hineys showing. I'm all for it.

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