Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hermit Me

I feel like I've become a hermit online, although not by fault. As slow as the studio photo sessions are, I'm not. As Christmas rapidly approaches, I get a mass rush of orders to copy, retouch and print. One of the public defenders brought in 70 prints to be copies and printed--5 sets of them! When he brought them in he said, "I've heard you're the lady to see."

The funny thing was that I thought he was an insurance salesman because he had the photos in an old suitcase. When he gave me his card, I laughed out loud (not on purpose but from surprise) and said, "I thought you were an insurance salesman."

He said, "Sorry to disappoint you."

I said, "No...actually I'm relieved ...I didn't have a prepared statement."

Thankfully most of the photos don't need any touching up. They just need to be reduced.

But I do have other orders before his... two collages and some restorations. I got here this morning very early and worked on a hand-tint of a bride. I swear I am so mad at the photographic field. They don't make my retouch sprays anymore...these sprays added 'tooth' to the prints for oils to grip. Now my tints just want to move around and not stay still. Which means I have to brush them on in thin layers, and yes, this takes longer to dry.

"Dang you...Digital Photography...dang you."

But getting back to the hermit feeling. I haven't been chatting, hardly ever emailing and not visiting my yahoo groups or my space. I do try to email a few people but I feel as if I'm in a rush and can't really write like I want to do. I miss J, I miss Jo, I miss Robert, I miss Nancy Lorraine, I miss Steve, I miss.... many others.

I had an email from who I thought was "Jo" but it turned out to be spam from someone with her name and a long number.com ... all about having 9 more inches... now if I had 9 more...well, it would be more than I wanted. ... What really got me was how disappointed I was that it wasn't her. I felt like I do every Christmas when I look under the tree and there's no Vin Diesel there.... So...Saddddddddddd!

My hope for next year is that I'll have time to get back in touch with my old friends...and to write more. I miss writing. I believe it keeps me from imploding.

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