Thursday, December 13, 2007

"I don't date guys with gray pubs."

Well, Nip/Tuck was back on track last night. Sean and Eden, the hot young daughter of his ex-wife's lesbian lover finally had sex. He wanted to go out with her and she said "This was just a 'get-it-out-of-our-system f*ck. I don't date guys with gray pubs."

I had to laugh... I date guys with gray pubs. It's not the color of the pubic hair that matters.

What a flippin' day! As usual the mad rush for Christmas photos is on. So far I'm winning.

This morning as I was leaving for work, I found smashed pumpkins in my drive...and noticed that all my neighbors had smashed pumpkins in their drive. I mentioned this in an email to DJ Jeff D and he said that it was probably Billy Corgan who smashed the pumpkins. Tooo Funny!

Earlier as I was walking down the street to where my truck was parked. I had forgotten to bring in some frames I bought for a customer. The UPS guy stopped his truck beside me and said, "Hey 304, I got some packages for you." So I turned around and went back inside... and thought, 'No one's ever called me by our street number."

I told Wes about it...wondered if the UPS guy ever calls him 302. He said that it reminds him of a song by either the Little River Band or Steely Dan. I couldn't think of what song he meant...

then he said, "you know...Hey 69!"

Ah... I laughed and said, "No.. you mean Hey 19!"

He said, "It's just a numbers game... 304, 69, 19..."

But you know... I think he's wrong about one number... 69 is a sex game.

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