Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Taking a breather

Nice chilly day... yesterday it was terribly windy. It's been a busy last few days. I decided to take a break and blog so that my rabid fans won't overthrow blogger in their anger over my silence.

Let's see..what's going on.

Lisa's 'lump' turned out to be an area where some bone was removed that hasn't healed yet. So that's a big sigh of relief.

William passed his multiplication test (on the 2's). Next he faces the 10's and then the 5's. Which he already knows. I dread the odd numbered ones!

He asked me "are you allergic to anything?"
I said 'Work.' He laughed.
Then asked, "Am I allergic to anything?"
I said, "Math."
He agreed with a laugh.

The fridge is fixed. Some switch had burned out. Cost $100 ($70 of it was for the service call with no 'service.')

A crazy thing happened! A little brown rabbit got caught in my fence. The fence at the back of the yard has 4 x 5 squares. The rabbit's hips were caught in it. I saw it last Frdiay and went over to see if it was alive but it wasn't. It was hanging at least 10 inches off the ground. I had no idea how to get it out without tearing up the fence.

I stayed home this weekend due to feeling under-the-weather. The rabbit was still there Sunday at lunch. But that afternoon, I went outside to toss some potato peels onto the compose pile and saw that it was gone. Someone pried the fence and got it out. In broad daylight. None of my neighbors take the credit. All that's left of the rabbit is a bit of hair and bent fence.


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Bob said...

I'm glad to hear your sister is doing well and that the lump was nothing serious... love the boys' new dog too, looks like mine :) take care :D