Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday the 14th

I am having a much better day today. The pressure to get the large orders to the lab is off. Now I've only got 12 orders to fill before next Saturday... Monday I had 32 to retouch and print I think I'm doing extra great this year with keeping on top of my orders.

There was a disturbing article in the Robesonian newspaper the other day. It seems the crime at the local Walmart is out of hand. Between Jan and Oct of this year there has been over 600 incidents reported from robbery to assaults. There is little security on site. One lady was robbed at gunpoint some ten feet from the door in broad daylight. Wish the article was still on their online paper. According to it, the manager requested help with security months ago... he wanted to hire off-duty cops but have the city pay for their insurance.

Isn't that a crock of crap? As much money as Walmart pulls in daily, they can afford security for their shoppers. They can install better security cameras in the parking lots (from what the article said, the images of crimes in the parking lots aren't adequately recorded) and they can hire a security firm to post guards out there. The one in Fayetteville has security guards in the store and one in a security car in the parking lot at all times. I've decided to shop at the F-ville store from now on.

This might sound bad, but I think the unpleasant publicity has helped some of the other local stores. People are wary of Walmart and going to other places to shop. Down with Walmart, Up with local merchants.

I've gotten almost all of my shopping done. Have to stop at Walgreen's and the ABC store. Then I'm done. Of Course, there's Al's shopping to do. He'll drag me to the mall Saturday night and we'll spend 4 hours looking for 2 presents.

Made some of the best butter cookies last night. I'm afraid to give them to any male because once he eats one, he'll be on his knees begging me to marry him. Would be totally embarrassing if a wife comes after me. You know, instead of sex reviving a marriage, I bet my cookies could.

Al's been doing some side jobs with a guy who is married to an ex-stripper. The woman is jealous and suspicious of any person who contacts this guy. I don't see how he deals with it. Al says she's horrible. He told Al: "You can't turn a whore into a housewife."

I told Al that sounds like something you would find on a bumper sticker. It's a shame that someone like that has such bad self-esteem and issues ... she must be one miserable lady.

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