Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Well..." said I.

The Feb issue is a success according to the emails I'm receiving today.

Phewwwwwww.... that's the sweat off my balls... boobs.

I was a bit worried that it didn't meld with all the stress I've been under.
Plus fighting this respiratory thing...can't seem to shake the congestion and I've tried all sorts of medicines. My nose is so sore from blowing it that I'm ready for a new one...

Thanks to DJ JD for his song list. According to several lady friends, not only was his song list great but he's "sizzling hot." But I already knew Hey....Maybe he's the reason the snow didn't stick around today...

And if you look closely at one of the articles, you'll see where my dear friend Jo made a brief appearance.

Yes...we had about an hour's worth of light snow earlier. It was lovely to view. Wasn't cold enough to stick I guess. I'm relieved. Too much to do besides stay at home marooned.

I'm freezing today... this old building is so frigid!

Hey I just thought of something... if I write about sex in my blog, am I doing it Bloggy style?

1 comment:

sarah hb said...

Hehe bloggy style sounds wondrous to me :)
The Feb issue was awesome - even if I did fail miserably on the quiz :P
Feel better soon Sherrie.