Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend... coming up

I'm ready...even though I have to work tomorrow until 4 pm.
Al's hours have changed. He's off on Sat and Sun now, so that means I can get there earlier. Though he gave me a key, I still feel funny being there when he's not.

We've fallen into old habits... like him calling at night before we go to sleep, so we're the last voices we hear. Me calling him in the mornings to wake him up...and he answers the phone with "grrummpher...errrr" or some other growl, which totally cracks me up...

Am I falling in love with him again.... Maybe! I don't think about it too much nor over-analyze things... I've learn to let it be what it is and enjoy it...the destination isn't's the journey.

Since V-day falls on Tuesday and I'm not sure if we'll see each other, I've planned a seductive Belly dance. Al doesn't know I dance... so this will be quite the surprise. I think as a gift it beats cheezy heart boxers.

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