Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day after Valentine's Day Sale

Now's the time to buy the expensive boxes of chocolate for half-price!

My dad used to do

I had a nice day yesterday. Got some roses...not from Al. I don't think he's ever gotten me roses on Valentine's day. He's sent flowers in the past but ususally for my birthday or just because. I didn't expect any from him. These roses came from a guy who won't give up on me. He thinks that one day, I'll come around and see the light--that he's my soulmate and we'll live in the eternal bliss of true love. Wrong... he's a nice guy but there are no sparks. This year the card read, "Maybe one day my dreams will come true."

I try to be polite and kind to most of us, I know what unrequited love feels like.

I left work at 5:15...stopped for gas at one of my ususal places. The guy who works there is from the middle east and a handsome young guy. He's got a crush on me. After I paid for the gas, he stammered out "Hoppy Volentine." I gave him a wink and said, "Same to you, dear."

Got home around 6:30, after doing some errands and cooked dinner for my brother. He couldn't believe Al wasn't coming down to visit on Valentine's Day. I told him I didn't expect it, because of his schedule.

Guess 8 pm, Al calls and says he's in town and can he come over. I was so shocked, standing there in my jammies. I was watching Napoleon Dynamite...after all he's my Valentine this year. I said "But I thought you couldn't make it tonight." He replied in purr, "I have to see my 'fuckbunny' on Valentine's Day."

I changed clothes before he got there and we had a great night together.

Guess who called... the guy who sent the roses. I didn't bring them home...not because I didn't want Al to see them... I just plain ole forgot about them.
I thanked the guy and then told him I had company and said goodbye. Al noticed my flushed face and gave me an inquiring look. All I said was "That was a guy who has had a huge crush on me...for the last 3 years. He doesn't believe in giving up."

Al laughed but I saw him studying me closely later, as if seeing me differently--maybe as the object of desire for other men. I think it's good to know that the person you love is desireable. I'm very aware of his sex appeal.

My brother went to bed early because he had to work this morning. So once things were quiet, Al and I had a romping sex-capade in the den. Every piece of furniture was molested. He mentioned something very decadent last weekend but it never crept up last night...and I'm glad because last night was all about us... and I loved that.

This morning I dropped my brother off at work and came back home to wake Al up 'Sherrie style.' Talk about the morning glow...we both had it.

And I can truly say...this was the best Valentine's holiday ever.

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