Monday, February 27, 2006

It's been a busy day! Had a nice weekend away from the studio. Al and I enjoyed two solid days together. We had dinner with his cousin (whom he's recently met that lives in Fayetteville too) and his cousin's girlfriend. It was fun. I was surprised at how much Allen ahd told them about me. After dinner, we all hung out watching the Pirates of the Carribean. Christine and I got along great. We'll probably BBQ soon as the weather is nice.

Today hasn't been so bad. Got a lot done. Went to the post office to check the mail and found that my key wouldn't fit! So I went to the inside window and Ted, the clerk told me that some of the boxes were vandalized--that a group of guys had broken into them during the weekend. Sure enough...our box was on the list. I had to fill out a vandalism report and get new keys. Luckily no one mailed payments in this weekend. IT's a sad world when the post office gets pillaged.

Hanging out with the nephews tonight.. and I need to work on the magazine...once again I am really behind.

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