Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Haibun style poem

Still behind rose-colored glasses, I sit, waiting for words to move
me. In the quietness of time, I find none. There is little hope for
a rose petal pressed tightly between the pages of Neruda poetry. The
moment the book was opened, the petal lost all beauty. For who can
compete with verses such as his?

I ask of myself, only this...to write from the heart. I struggle to
pen emotions, hiding behind the images I create with words...hoping
above all else to find a way to show the depth of my ocean. Yet at
times, I drown in the deepness of myself.

Once I was told that gold tints the edges of my lashes and if mined,
it would bring wealth beyond the riches of the universe. I see only
fool's gold. So many mistakes mar the surface of my glasses. If I
look closely, I can almost see through the rose tint, but the
brilliance from the fool's gold blinds me.

How temporary a soul can be? It is frail as a rose petal and easily
bruised by touch. I should warn you...in the depth of my ocean swims
my soul and if you seek it, you might drown. The gold that lives on
my lashes can't save you.

red rose petals
floating on waves...
waiting to die

~ ~ ~ ~
A Haibun is a bit of prose that ends with a haiku or you can insert haiku between each verse... it's usually about a travel/journey.. I like the form, especially if I want to meander in prose, yet keep it poetic.


tooners said...

This is so beautiful. I don't know if these are considered "stanzas" or what, but it's really nice... you really remind me of myself in more ways than one. I read what you write and I see myself in so much of what you say.... love is a wonderful thing, and even tho times aren't always perfect, it really makes it nice to be w/ someone that you love and makes you feel so good.

Painter Lady said...

I'm glad you can relate to my writing. Even when I'm in love with someone, I still have bouts of solitary questions and doubts. I feel it's a part of self-awareness.

I agree that it's wonderful to have someone to love and to be loved by.