Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kids and the things they say...

Kids and the things they say...
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My nephews are never boring. This week (and it's only half finished) I've learned a few things from them, mainly my little bird--Ben.

1) The meaning of Gay as told by Ben 6 soon to be 7 in a few days:
When a boy touches another boy's butt or bladder, he's gay. When a girl touches another girl's bladder she's gay. When a boy touches a girl's bladder, they aren't gay.

2) Ben's BoogerMan (Boogey Man) Theory:
He's got claws and hoofs and lives in the ground where it's hot. You have to dig through China to get to him. When you see him, you'll know he's the BoogerMan because he'll be covered with boogers and slime.

3) Ben explains how to defend myself from the Burger King Burger King guy:
Sherrie, when the Burger King Man peeps in your window or tries to get you to eat lettuce or sumpthin.... you... KICK HIM IN THE NUTS. He'll fall down on the ground like this (falls down) and groan like this (Groans like a ghost) and holds onto his bladder.

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