Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gas Riot

Friday we had a massive 'gas shortage panic'. It was worse than the Katrina scare a few years ago. Kangeroo Gas Stores put a note on all their pumps asking people to purchase only $10 of gas due to the possible gas shortage in souteastern NC due to the damage Hurricane Ike may cause to the oil industry.

I wasn't going to get any because I had right much gas in my truck but when Dad told me it was crazy and people were in every station filling up, I figured I had better get my share. I had to go to 3 different stations until I found one that didn't have a long line waiting. This store had a 'drive-thru pay' window on the side. As I got gas, I noticed that a line was forming around the store. One would think that to save gas, since there might be a storage later, that one would get their sorry butt out of their vehicle and walk a few feet to front door and pay inside. I did, sorry butt and all..lol. And then had to wait for the drive-thru line to dispense so I could leave the pump.

Noticed I noticed as I drove to Fayetteville on Saturday that people are out every where, stores, fast food places, etc. Now shouldn't they be saving that expensive gas??!!

Hung out with my friend Michele for a while Sunday and she needed gas. She drives over to the Kangeroo and I said, "They're out of gas. They're the ones who started the gas panic." Sure enough..every tank had bags over the nozzle. I saw their 'discreet' note and it still taped on each tank. I wish I had snatched one off. Then she drives over to another Kangeroo store. I laughed and said, "What are you doing? This one won't have any gas either." And I was right. She ended up at Hess station and I noted that none of the tanks had any low grade gas.

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