Monday, September 08, 2008

Panthers, Pepsi and Pep Talks

Well, my Pirates kicked ass and Panthers stole the game with a last second touchdown. Before the game Al read the sports page in the paper and no one gave hope that the Panthers would was the Chargers all the way. But guess who won, although we almost gave it away...The Panthers! Al gave up on the after it took so long for them to reform their line. It was down to mere seconds and Al was going to turn the tv off...but I said, "No...they'll win at the last second. Delhomme has something to prove in this first game." And they second. Al turned to me in shock and accused me with "You know more about football than you let on!"

Maybe I do.

This morning I grabbed a Pepsi from his fridge and ran out the door. I was a few minutes later getting out than I like. Even if I got here on time, I still like to allow for slow traffic down I-95 or road crews. So as I drove, I sipped the Pepsi. It tasted strange but I thought it was my mouth, because I had just brushed my teeth with some of Al's Colgate toothpaste (I use Arm & Hammer Complete Care)...but it wasn't until just now when I was tossing the can in the recycle box that I saw "Pepsi. NFL Kickoff. Limited Edition Flavor. LEMON." No wonder it tasted different. I will say it's ok but nothing to write Pepsi about.

In my search for old classmates, I've reconnected with a few lost friends. Only to hear of sickness and a few deaths. I realize how lucky I am and I shouldn't complain about anything in my life compared to what a few have gone through and are going through. So I gave myself a pep talk on the way to work and vow to make the most of every day and every friendship...

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