Sunday, September 07, 2008


since I just posted a quiz, I'm ok and Hanna didn't sweep me away!

We had a lot of rain and wind in some areas. I got 3 inches of rain but my mom's bf got 5 almost 6! We had some tree limbs down but nothing major. I spent an hour outside Saturday after lunch and cleaned up the yard.

My cold is slowly getting better. I slept thru the tropical storm and sort of hate I did. I love hearing rain fall on my tin awing over one of my bedroom windows.

But the storm went through with no major damage other than a few power outages. I wasn't going to come up to see Al since I felt bad but he sorta begged and said he would pamper me. I took a nap before driving up and got here around 6:30. My friend Bonnie called and we talked a long time. Al got off 8. I was sorta shocked. He took me out to dinner at a new restaurant around the corner. We had some prime rib and was mouth-watering. Then he drove me home and we watched the college football highlights...all I can say is..


They are kicking ass and taking names.

Don't know what's in store for today. Al's at church...yeah, I guess I'm a heathen. I just made some coffee and am catching up on my email and stuff like...blogging.

Heard from two of my favorite male classmates today regarding the reunion. One sent photos and the other sent his home phone number and asked me to call so we could catch up. I will probably try to do that sometime today if Al doesn't have me off to the golf course with him. He's off today and wants to get out and do something fun. All his buddies keep letting him down about golfing and though I know nothing about it, except how to drive the cart I will go along. Why? because I love the man and he deserves to have some fun once in a while.

Enjoy the's a lovely one.

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John said...

Yes, I've noted that your pirates are kicking ass....and I think the rest of the country (that watched college football) has noticed too. They're shaking things up, and I love that about college football.