Thursday, September 04, 2008

Head Colds, Cole Slaw, Road Blocks and the American Way

I'm fighting a head cold I think. It could be my sinues but my ears ring a lot. And the sinus meds that usually work--aren't. So I'm assuming it's a cold and dealing with it as best as I can. I fell asleep sitting at the computer yesterday. My head hit the monitor and woke me. Luckily I did't damage it...though my forehead is sore this day.

My weekend was ok. I had a quiet one. No big thrills, except the frog in the toilet. Oh and Al romanced me--that's always a thrill. Cooked several awesome meals. Al won't confess to this but I'm fast becoming a better cook than he is. The cat and I hung out. She follows me around the house and I talk to her a lot. She'll listen but I'm learning what types of conversation she likes...when the topic is something she's uninterested in, she'll turn her back to me and grooms herself.

I tried out a few luau recipes. The Hawaiian Coleslaw rocked. It went into my personal cookbook...but the Haupia...sucked. I think I need to find a more authenic recipe or change the one I have. I threw it out.

Over the weekend a bunch of my old classmates called and emailed me. It was fun talking to them. They are all excited over the reunion. I'm happy that's happening. Many who never went to a previous reunion are very interested in attending this one. So many are trying to help find classmates and offerring to do what they can. I'm so pleased with the response so far. It wasn't until I talked to one of my old friends (a girl named Donna who works with the local sheriff's department) who had been in charge of two reunions that it occurred to me that not one person from the current committee has contacted me. I know they have a pretty detailed list of classmates but aren't sharing it. One of the guys on the committee told a girl who called over the weekend that he had some names and told her who they were. She asked him to call me but he made a face. And this guy and I were always good friends during school. I just don't get it. Donna told me that one of the committtee members told her that she didn't like half of our graduating class and was planning a reunion for the ones she liked. Now that's a crock of crap. Donna said that she doesn't have a high regard for this person anymore.

Neither do I but the person will receive an invite anyways.

Ran into a road block over the building we want to use. I talked to the guy in charge this morning. He said it was used as a beach house during the day to swimmers at the lake and was hard to dry out during the summer. He suggested we move the reunion date to sometime after labor day. Then he told me the price for night time rental and added a bunch of surcharges. He told me he hoped the ice machine would be working then. And that there would be air conditioning...they had it up until the spring ..someone stole all the copper. There's no stove ...only a sink and refridge plus there's only 35 people allowed in the building... the outside deck is larger than the inside and there's no limit there.

Oh and we have to have an attendent there... to watch over the place...we have to pay this person too. The price went from $45 to $215. I'll talk to Bonnie tonight. I don't want to be in a building that doesn't have a stove or enough room for everyone if it rains on our parade. She'll be disappointed but that's life.

Al's joining a network. It seems that Donald Trump dumped a large amount of change into it and if DT invests in something, then it's golden...or so Al says. He's trying to figure out how to network it and innocently without thinking I suggested he join Myspace and Facebook. Those places are all about networking. It dawned on me later that I might not want him to know about my myspace page. I'm not an open book there like I am here but I've got personal stuff on it and my friend's list has some old beaus on it...I guess I can go through my blog there and mark certain stuff as diary posts. Not long ago one of my friends there..a guy I semi-dated asked for my advice about the current girl he was seeing. She was jealous of his blog posts about his ex-girlfriend who had just died of cancer. He was so in love with her and it showed in his writing. The current gal wanted to know why he didn't write like that for her. In the end he deleted the posts which were so beautiful... he said to me that he wasn't going to write about being in love or other personal details about his girlfriends on the off-chance that his future soul mate would read them and he didn't want to cause any pain. I guess that's why I'm cautious about Al finding my stuff online. I've written a lot about him and other lovers. I would never want to hurt him.

We had a birthday party for my brother yesterday. I'll have to post some pictures of it. The nephews had fun. I had fun and so did everyone else.

I confess I'm worried about Hanna... we've had a lot of rain and the ground's very moist--prime for falling trees that might not fall if the ground was dry. So let's pray the storm blows itself out before reaching me.

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