Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkeyed out

I'm so tired of turkey. Thank God I gave the last of it away ...to my Great-Uncle. I made him some turkey salad and dropped it off this morning.

This year's holiday was grand. Granny came to visit and we enjoyed lots of good food. My form of blessing came in the guise of a clear conversatin with Granny Saturday morning. Her alzheimer's has been slowly gathering speed and she hasn't been able to follow conversations unless they are simple. But Saturday morning, she was crystal clear. We talked about all kinds of things. I was late for work because of it. As I drove away I realized that sometimes we ignore these little offerrings from God. The ones like Granny's conversation... golden leaves creating fake sunlight, Canada geese in flight at dusk... how sad so many don't realize this.

But I did and I thank God for that blessing.

It's been hectic these last 2 days.... lots of work coming in for me to do. Restorations and copies...and I've evened comissioned two oil paintings. So I will be a busy worker bee until St. Nick arrives.

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