Friday, November 16, 2007

Autum Calls

Everywhere I look I see gold, orange, red and green leaves flying around. I love this time of year. It inspires the artist within me. I love watching the leaves dance with the wind. The soft delicate whirls they employ as they fall to the ground. I want to pick them up and keep them hide them away so I can look at them during the dismal cold of winter, when the trees are bare and naked--exposed to the harsh anger of silence.

I want to dance with the leaves, to embrace their vibrance essence. I am autumn born, fairy of sunsets and dreams.

The year is coming to an end fast, the days of my youth almost spent and I keep thinking that somewhere in the falling of these words, there blooms color in the form of poetry. I guess you'll have to sort through the weeds to find it.


John said...

days of your youth almost spent?

Excuse me?!?

Don't even start to go there.

Painter Lady said...

Now, J...those words were weeds. :P