Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm baaa-accc-kkkk

We stayed at the Hilton and our view was ocean front/ocean view, although it was more of a side shot. This was the view from the bed beside the balcony. While Al snored away, I laid there and looked at the lights and wondered what everyone was doing. I slept really well after the long drive there. We took a round-about way because Al thought it was shorter. I think he took a wrong turn that waylaid us a few miles off course.

That night we ate at Bimini's Oyster bar. Talk about some killer seafood. It's a local joint that had few tourists. A guy was in the corner playing Jimmy Buffet songs and crooning the tunes. He sounded remarkably like JB. I was totally impressed. We got a seat and ordered some good food. I had conch fritters, homemade chips and cole slaw. Yummy. I forgot what Al ordered. But mine was good and the price wasn't too bad. We stayed a while and listened to the guy sing. A few locals came over and invited us to join them later at the 2001 night club that was just around the corner. I was too tired and declined. After we ate we went back to the room and chilled out.

I caught the sunrise the next morning. It was so beautiful off the ocean. We drove around for awhile after a delicious breakfast at Dino's House of Pancakes. Another yummy meal! Eventually we ended up at the beach...fishing!

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