Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm fighting a freaking cold. It started last Friday and immediately I began to take the above medicine. My symptons haven't gotten worse nor better. I'm at a stalemate with them. I feel bad enough not to be as productive as I usually am and good enough not to stay home in the bed.

I'm a bit loopy but happy. It sounds nuts I know. So tonight, I'll lay around on the couch and catch Survivor and CSI...and also Without a Trace since CSI spills over to their show.

Survivor has been ok. I am rooting for James or Amanda. I think Todd is gonna flake out this episode.

As for CSI... I am amazed at how it continues to hold my attention year after year. The new girl Ronny is gonna fit in nicely. I hate to see Sara go but I don't think it will impact the show as much as some think. She's never been my favorite but I like her and Grissom together. They really fit.

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