Friday, November 09, 2007

A Great American

Wednesday night William and I were watching some kid movie called Everyone's Hero. An animated movie about a loser kid, a talking baseball, Babe Ruth and his bat. William said, "Babe Ruth was a great White American. And Jackie Robinson was a great Black American. I hope I'm a great White American one day." lol.. white American..cracked me up. Never thought of it that way, ya know...

Society harps onsome of us as being a minority and doing great stuff that we forget that there should be no division among races. That all should be honored the same no matter what background. William is struggling to understand this. He thinks because at school they've divided the minorities from all the races that non-minorities should have a tag as well.

Sadly, there will never be recognition as Just plain Americans to everyone who lives under the American flag.

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