Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nov 1st Hits and Misses

My nephews make great vampires. The picture isn't the best. They wouldn't pose for another. Nor would they sit still while I applied make-up.

Halloween was fun. We went to a carnival hosted by my Uncle Jerry's church. It's only 5 miles away and they did a great job. I saw a few old high school mates I haven't seen in ages. The boys loved it. They had lots of activities and every kid got a prize no matter how badly they performed. The boys got more booty than they do when they go house to house. My devil wig/horns were a hit. One kid asked "What's your devil name?" I didn't have an answer. William said I was "Devil's Snare." I guess that's as close to a name as I got.

The church served hot dogs and soda. I think the lady at the window thought I was a total nut when I asked for a plain hot dog bun, because William won't eat hot dogs but he likes the bun. He took a bite while she watched and then said to her, "Hmmm, that's a tasty bun."

Ben ask half of his hot dog on the drive home. When we got to my house, he told me he was finished with it. My sister was going to toss it away but I said I would eat it. (I forgot to get some supper before our venture). After his bath, he came looking for his hot dog. And cried when he found out it was in my tummy. The only excuse I could think of was telling him that the 'devil' made me do it. I hate the humor was lost on him. I felt really bad for him until he realized that he could eat candy instead.

And so another Halloween is gone. Now November looms overhead like an ugly ear of corn and I've promised myself that I would write another novel. I've got one in mind and actually have a list of characters and a plot, but... a kid adventure is in my I tell the nephews--it's a series of adventures about them and I wonder if maybe I shouldn't write that instead. I guess later on today when I sit down in front of the PC, I'll let whichever one wins the battle to find its way to paper.

Al informed me that we're off to Myrtle beach Friday. HE wanted to leave early 8 am but I have to drop my brother off at work at 9 and I have a few things to do at the studio. It kills me how people think because I work for myself that I can drop everything and just go... I'm no different that those of you who slave for any boss. I have a job that needs to get one but me can do it and when I have deadlines, everything has to wait.

Anyone look at the photo of a 'maybe' bigfoot. It was on yahoo's homepage yesterday. Some authorities say it's a bear with mange. I saved a copy to my PC... I may check it out later and give my own thoughts on it. Wouldn't there be a magnitude of non-believers eating crow if there turns out to be a real bigfoot???

And supernatural activity draining electronics? Mainly digital cameras. I say that the real reason behind this is that these ghost hunters are using standard batteries that don't have the power to run the camera for more than 5 or 6 shots. I know...I had to use standard batteries last night instead of my usual ones made just for digital cameras. I went through an 8 pack only 7 shots of the boys. The batteries can still work on other things like my gameboy but they don't have to pull to work a digital camera. So that mystery is uncovered... use batteries made for digital gadgets, Ghost Hunters.

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Bob said...

Glad you and the boys had a fun Halloween, and I loved the pic of your costume... I saw that Bigfoot pic too, and I tend to think it's a bear with mange... I may be a skeptic about such things, but I would LOVE to be proven wrong, same thing with ghosts... one thing tho about those camera batteries, when they say ghosts drain them to use the energy to appear... I've seen it a lot on shows like Ghost Hunter and such, the batteries drain, but then the charge comes back to full, which is odd... I wouldn't know how to debunk that... unless it's cheap batteries, hehe.