Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Diet A&W rootbeer...

I'm so in love with it.

Well, things are pretty good today. Don't feel as stressed as yesterday. I'm very behind on returning email, so don't get upset if I haven't emailed in the last few days. Just been very very busy.

Went to the Town of Walmart last night. As I was getting out of the truck, I reached inside my handbag and pulled our my root beer flavored lip gloss...and out tumbled my keys. I had already sent the locked door into motion and bam...the door shut before I could grab them. I was happy I had my cell phone with I called Mom who went to my house and got the spare set. Only to find out later, that it was the office keys that fell out... my truck keys were in my purse safe and sound.

I'm blaming stress on that happening.

Then after I wandered around inside for an hour, I finally made a few purchases and headed home. When I got in, my brother was at the fridge and he said, "Hey Sher-Bears, the ice bin is full of water. Sure enough... the fridge wasn't cooling. So I spent a great amount of time transferring almost thawed items to the freezer in the barn. Then I put stuff in the fridge part in coolers and zipped to the store down the road for ice. In the meantime my brother calls my mother who arrives an hour or so later and is upset I didn't wait for her to arrive so she could help.

No thanks, Mom. I'm a big girl. My uncle is over at the house now, trying to see if he can repair it. I hope so. I just spent $400 on a tank of heating oil. A new fridge isn't in the horizon. Not until after the holidays.

Watched Nip/Tuck last night. That's one messed up show. I had a good laugh at the 'swingers' scene. Sean and his new fiancee decide to go 'watch' and they concluded that their 'safe word' would be 'big wheel'.... the swingers party was at the home of a very ripped black stud who hosts parties for 'soccer moms' and their 'pauchy bald husbands'...he invites other black studs and they all do the women while the men cheer them on. When one guy asked Kate, Sean's girl if she wanted to be next... she hesitated and it freaked Sean out. He started saying "Big wheel, big wheel" over and was funny to me because I had something similar happen when I was dating a guy who was probably 20 years older than me when I was only 24 and in Greenville. We went to a party at one of his friends' house and it was a swinger party. I was shocked to see people screwing on the kitchen table when we entered the backdoor...and the living room was covered in half-naked and naked bodies gyrating... I asked where the restroom was so I could get my eyes back in my head...and was told it was the first right... was a bedroom where girls were doing girls... I ran out of the house...shocked and ready to go. My date found me and I pleaded that I needed to leave because I had a he took me home.

I can laugh about it now. I think God created headaches so women can get out of a bad date or sex.

Back to Nip/ week should be great. They're doing a 'reality show' based on their life and practice. Talk about disfunction!

Going to catch the Shrek Xmas special tonight and then later a show on bigfoot on the history channel. Are they one and the same?

My sister has a 'knot' in her throat where the surgery was done. She's gone to the doctor today to see what he says about it. I pray it's nothing.

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