Monday, November 19, 2007

Panthers Suck

I am so tired of the Carolina Panthers losing. I know they've got people out with injuries but ... that's no excuse. I watched part of the game Sunday, and after the other team scored their 3rd touchdown, I left the room and went to the bedroom and read a romantic gothic novel.

Didn't do much this weekend. Worked till 2 Saturday. Stopped at Target to get a toy but they were some other stuff instead. Cooked some great food and hung out mostly.

Feeling out of sorts today...guess it's the upcoming holidays and I'm worried about the business. Things are slow. I just hope that things start popping after T-day.

And..we had some vandalism at a few of the stores down from me. I don't understand what joys these hoodlums get out of tearing up property! we were spared but one business had to shut down today because those losers cut lines to her electricity.

I guess I should post this and get back to fun stuff like...dreaming of pumpkin pie.

1 comment:

John said...

Target sells toys?

Oooohhhh, never mind.