Thursday, March 02, 2006

Guys named Bruce, Fair-Weather Friends and.... Salmon

For it to be such a pretty day, I'm totally stressed. Where are those slave boys? I need a massage ...NOW!

I slept pretty good last night. But had a crazy dream about a guy named Bruce. I never saw him. I was doing stuff ...can't remember what kind of stuff, but where ever I went, I left Bruce notes...with lipstick prints on them. I wonder who he is...this Bruce. Could it be Bruce Springsteen? OR Bruce Willis? Bruce...if you're out there and you know it's you... email me or comment. This is really on my mind today!

Since it's the first of the month, the One-week-a-month drivers are out. While trying to Parallel park, an old guy hit the back of my truck yesterday. Just a bump. He backed up and almost hit it again. I opened the studio door and said, "Mister, hit it again and you'll be buying me another one." He drove off and parked around the corner. I thought all old folks could parallel park! But I've been fooled all these years. So if you're out and you see a car driving at 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, be patient...this could be YOU one day.

My fair-weather friend called today to whine about the whether our High School class of 81 is having a class reunion this year. It's our 25th. We missed the 20th due to poor planning and I have a feeling we will miss this one if me, doesn't jump on board. The people chosen to be on the committee weren't good choices at all. Bon wants me to help her plan one and we'll get in touch with people...but I know what that really means...It means "Sherrie" will plan it and get in touch with everyone. I gave her some names of a few people who are stay-at-home moms and who would love to plan something like that. She hasnt' called back and I'm sort of relieved to be off the list of 'planners.' I get frustrated with people from around here, because they don't have their act together when it comes to planning things as important as reunions. The one in '96 was tossed together. I don't even want to go into it... or I'll be fuming made. Flames will pour from my ears and lasers will shoot out of my eyes.

Bon told me that she ran into an old high school flame of mine who was now divorced and asking about me. She thinks he wants my body. I think he probably asked about other people too but she's chosen to center on me. Bon said, "Wait til he sees you know. He'll really flip out." (She's referring to my toned lean look due to belly dance class). I broke the news that Al and I were back together and she went off on me. I wish this didn't happen during a phone conversation...because the flames shooting out of my ears has damaged my phone. I let her say her piece. And made my excuses to hang up. I could have spent an hour, pointing out her past and present mistakes, but I chose not too. Life's too short to play with 'little' minds. I know how things are now with Al...and it's not her business. She probably won't call for a while. That is...unless she needs my help with the class reunion.

It's really nice out today. Close to 80 degrees. Yesterday I went home and did some yard work. I have splinters in my fingers. I should get a needle and get them out.

Al has his mortgage lending class Sat. I'm going up after work and wait for him to get home. It's in Raleigh and lasts all day. My plan is to surprise him with supper... broiled salmon with sage, lemon and garlic. Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic, and some other stuff (still planning the meal) and for dessert...a home-baked key lime pie.... An apron and a pair of silk panties is all I'm going to wear I think. (wink)


Sandra said...

When I was around 12 or 14 years old, I dreamt that Jason Donovan kissed me (not sure whether you know him?). I was soooo taken that I developed a crush for him that lasted a good 2 weeks :)

John said...

it could be big bad Brucey wucie

tooners said...

the brussel sprouts sound devine, ummm, and smoked salmon! yum.

i never thought of silk undies w/ an apron... i'll have to try that one out! seems like when it comes to romance, i've been having brain farts a lot.... or for years! :)