Monday, March 06, 2006

Rainy Days and Monday they're both. Though the sun is trying to smile at me. It's in the upper 50's and not too bad out. Yesterday's weather was lovely.

Let's much to write about.

Friday night, the nephews and I hung out. I taught Ben how to make his own ham sandwich. He was so proud of it. He didn't want to eat it. Said, "I want to show mommy." So we took a photo of it. After supper and baths, we played on the computer. William and I sat in a chair together while Ben played "Operation." Suddenly William said, "Will you miss your broken heart?" That question struck me funny... will I miss it? No... I don't think so.

Saturday morning, we made pancakes and drew pictures. I didn't want to go to work but... had too. The Rumba on the River was going on. The crowd was huge. I had to park 3 blocks away and walk, which is a rare. I watched the run and walked over to the Chilli/Beach music festival. The band was really good.

We were really busy Saturday at the studio. I didn't get out of here until after 4. But I was packed and ready to go. one of Al's friend's ...his name is Grant, lives close by and was supposed to go up with me. He broke his rotator cup in his right shoulder and hasn't been able to drive much. After flip-flopping on whether to go or to stay home, he finally said he wasn't going. I hate to say this, but a lot of Al's old friend's aren't true friends. They come around when they need something. I've gotten rid of friends I had who did the same thing to me. Al needs to clean house. I asked him "How do they contribute to your life?" and he couldn't give me an answer. If someone or something takes away from your life, it's time to cut it loose.

I got to Al's house at 5:45. Was in the kitchen, getting my marinate ready for the fish steaks when he called to say he would be home in 40 minutes. But actually got in earlier than that...and I was so glad to see him...because I can't get his stupid can opener to work. Those crazy can openers that actually go around by themselves do not like me. I have one at home that I cannot for the life of me get to work. Now Al's got one... is this a conspiracy?

Told Al to sit down and relax... he got a shower instead and by the time he was done, I had dinner ready. It was a success...especially the apron and panties.

We watched Carolina kick Duke's butt and Al was a happy guy. We retired early and ...celebrated in a special way. (wink)

We fell asleep not long after the celebrating. Al has this habit--something he's always done and that's using his legs to 'trap' me. I tend to sleep in one spot, usually on one of my sides. When I do move around, it's due to being restless or my right arm aching. Al throws one of his legs over mine and hooks me with it. Then he puts his arm around my hips and that's how we sleep. I don't mind that we sleep that way...what I mind is that somehow I end up on the edge of the bed and the only thing that's keeping me on Al's 'hook.' I woke up before daybreak and I had a small triangle of the bed. I woke Al up and told him I was falling off. He removed his leg and I moved over. Not ten minutes into sleep, he woke me up when he hooked his legs around mine. I smiled and fell asleep. He apologized the next morning for 'trapping' me. I said, "If the Al-trap keeps me from falling off the bed, I'm all for it."

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tooners said...

You know... the game here in Bahrain and the Middle East is to use others. So many ppl use you for what they need and then they're gone until the next time comes around. I get so sick of it... but my husband allows it because it's expected, pretty much. Like you, I say to kick these ppl to the curb, which I've done many times, but... he doesn't.

So, the apron and undies did well?! Good, good. I think I'm gonna try this one. I'm sure the hubby will love it. Makes me smile just to think about it.

I'm like your Al, I tend to snuggle and wrap myself around my husband when sleeping and then he wakes up and says that he's about to fall off the bed or doesn't have any covers. I laugh and do it again the next night. How can I not, it's so comfy!

Your nephews sound precious. Their innocence is so beautiful. I take my hat off to you for being such a good aunt!