Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Painter Lady...


All week I've meant to get in here and write about the party and other stuff. But I haven't felt like it. I've been stressed out this week over rush jobs at work and getting the reunion stuff straight.

The party was a lot of fun. Had a good blend of people. I will probably sit down later and write more on it. There was drama and action... and that was after the murder was solved. I tell you...sometimes 'people watching' can be an exciting sport.

Got the deposit paid for the reunion. Got the menu. We've got a month or so to decide on what to eat. Meeting with Shook'em up tonight to go over the invitation letter and pictures we've collected for the slide show. Plus we have to write bio questions for the program book. I hope that I don't have to beg people to send in their money. April 15 is the deadline. After that they have to pay more.

Teez has been on my mind all week. At odd times. And in my dreams. I've had sudden bursts of sadness so strong that I fear I am losing my mind. And strange things keep happening.... like yesterday's sunset. I watched a ball of fire (the sun) disappear completely, leaving a pink/pewter sky. And about thirty mins later when it should have been a darker pewter sky, there were long streaks of red/orange... right outside my kitchen window, facing North-East... there were none in the west where I saw the big orange ball drop. When I saw the sky, Teez popped in my head.

I want to go to his grave this weekend. Al works Sunday. I could go then...but I am not sure how I'll respond. I can't lose myself in grief, crying for him by his grave. If I do... I may not return.