Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow and...Hats

Snow can be so beautiful, especially when it's a dusting on the ground and melts in one day! That's my kind of snow, baby. I didn't think we would get any last night, since the forecast called for only a 30% chance of snow. But I was wrong! (Yes, I can admit when I'm wrong). Right before dawn, I looked outside and saw the snow on the ground. It looked so peaceful out, serene and inviting. I took a mental picture of it, in hopes that when I'm old and have nothing but memories to think back on I will remember the vision of this morning.

I've been thinking about posting some of my short stories here. Not the dirty ones...heh heh although those will probably be read quicker than the non-erotic stufff. My friend Michele introduces me to people as "This is my friend Sherrie. She's a writer." Most people introduce me as a photographer, although I'm not--I'm a photographic restoration artist. And some introduce me as "This is Sherrie. She is a poet and has several poetry books published." Other's just say, "This is Sherrie. Run."

The hats that we wear are many. Some few see, while other's only know just one and never bother to see what other hats lurk in the closet. I don't really have a favorite hat to wear. All of the ones I have are unique in their own way: Daughter, Aunt, Granddaughter, Friend, Business Woman, Artist, Writer, Poet, Scorpio, Power Girl, Goddess of Stockings, Kinky Sex Kitten and...the Free Spirited Gypsy. There are others that I refuse to claim and many more yet to be discovered.

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