Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We may get snow tonight...chance of 30%..which is very slim. I'm getting new furniture tomorrow. The old is old and Al wants it. After I cleaned it last night, I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought but I am tired of it and got a good deal on the new furniture.

Super Bowl! What a game! Have to give it to the Steelers..that last play was awesome. The Cardinals didn't show up until the 4th quarter...I confess, those last few mins of the game were nail-biting. Both teams can walk away and say they played a good game...I really enjoyed it.

My food was pretty good. I made some blue cheese dip from scratch and it was superb. But after drinking 3 Smirnoff Ice w/pomegranate fusion, I forgot to check on the ribs and they were a bit overcooked. Not quite rib jerky but close.

My friend Michele and I goofed off from 10 am to around 2 pm Sunday. We ended up at Lowes and ...decided we would have a garden this spring. She's got a huge yard and has been wanting to do a garden for years. Since I am a garden girl expert, I said I would help. It should be a riot. I'm hoping we'll get enough veggies to host a veggie par-tay. Looks like we'll have to invest in bib over-alls and a straw hat. We're gonna plant 3 different types of tomatoes...maybe I'll make ketchup.

She told me about a swingers' club in Erwin (right outside of Fayetteville). It's called You Know Where (YKW)) and on private property. They have a website. I'm sorta fascinated by it... what sort of people go to these places these days...heck it's not the 60's or 70's or early 80's... We're not taking 3sums but full blown orgies. If I ever go through a mid-life crisis, maybe I'll go wild and go to you know where! (hahaha)..that or get a boy toy.

Almost forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Bruce Springsteen's half-time show. What a rocker! He promised to deliver and he did... I was amazed at how clean he looked. It seems that of late he's had a dirty boy air to him...but watching him do his crazy wild moves and sing his heart out...I realized I would do him if given the chance...

Gosh I need to get sex off my mind... jeepers how does a hot-blooded Scorpio accomplish such a feat as THAT!

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