Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Brighter day

Even if it is misty and gray out!

I heard from Tz today! He's still at UNC hospitals but is doing a little better. The staph infection (MRSA) has been straining his heart. He's got a lot of fluid built up and they are doing their best to battle it. He was very chipper and sounded strong. When I called his doctor was there and he asked me to hold on...I noticed he put the phone receiver where I could hear their conversation...

that was his gift to me for today... I listened and was thankful I could understand all that was said...

He told me that on Monday, his sprained wrist had a lot of fluid on it, so they numbed it and drained it...while he was alert! He said, "And I didn't scream like a girl! Not once. It hurt like hell, but I didn't go girly on them." I laughed but I think that's what he wanted... to hear me laugh.

He told me to call whenever I could...that he was a lot better but still not well enough to go home..but he planned on doing all the doctor said to do, so he could get back home.

I can breathe easy now... or rather easier. I've been writing our story and it's hard to get him off my mind. But according to's 'ditto.'

Prayers work.

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