Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold day..night

Been fighting a sinus headache all day and now night. Sipping some chamomile tea with a few drops of lemon added. It's hot and soothing.

Things have been a bit hectic. Work mainly. I think I am better emotionally regarding Tz and even Al. Things will be what they will. I must confess though that Tz has done his best to soothe my worries about us. He tells me not to distress, because great days await and when they do happen...then I should watch out. It dawned on me the other night that he isn't really pushing me away, he's pushing the passion aside so that he won't trip a heart attack. Then once his heart surgery is finished and he's mended...we'll be back to the passionate beings we are ... though dormant at the moment. I can wait. I am the most patient woman in the world.

As for Al...we'll slowly dissolve because I've always been the glue that works at holding us together. Time will solve this issue.

William is on the A/B honor roll and does 80% of his homework on his own. I must say he's growing up and is into the tween thing. He's left Harry Potter behind and is now a huge Indiana Jones fan. At night our stories are about "Indiana William." I have to make up adventures about running, jumping, defying death. Ben has been slowly catching up on his reading. His report card had improved muchly but he is still behind in many areas. My sister has been working with him more than I have. Funny how she takes the time to help Ben with his homework but when William was that age, I was the one she asked to work with him. But then again, I believe that I've helped him come along ways in regards to his school work, so I'm not truly complaining.

Been spending a lot of my time at myspace. My OHS page is really active. Some of my classmates and I like to goof off in the comment section. Lately it's been the girls against the guys and GIRLS RULE. I think that when we do have the reunion that those of us on the page will automatically clump together because the ice is broken and we've learned to joke around with each other. I'm hoping that's the way it will be.

I hope that everyone who reads me is doing ok. My 08 novel is slowly going up on the blog at my website. There is a link on the homepage. It's almost autobiographical. I may have to change that later.

Take care.

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