Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Windy today Chilly Tonight

Boy, did we get some rain and wind this weekend. The rain was very heavy and the wind was so strong I feared the trees around the house would fall over. Didn't get to go fishing like planned. We're shooting for this weekend.

I'm horrified over the shootings at Virginia Tech. From what I've read online, the guy had been exhibiting disturbing behavior. It saddens me that he resorted to murdering people. I tried to imagine getting a gun and shooting people but I can't see myself in that role. I would have to be deranged and out of my mind to do something like that. Innocent people have died and many are wounded. Families are grieving and the jerk is dead. He doesn't have to deal with the aftermath. But his family does. They are victims too.

I agree with what J wrote in his blog. We should hug not only our children but all whom we love, tell them how much we care and that no matter what is going on with them, we're there to listen and to help if we possibly can and if not, maybe help them find a solution to whatever their problem is.

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