Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday ..Already???

Can't say I'm surprised Florida won ... I watched for a while and ended up going to bed before it was over. Still feeling a bit seedy. But alot of the congestion is gone and so is the pressure in my sinuses. Another day or so and I should be back to being me.

Had an ok weekend. Since I didn't feel all that great, Al and I stayed in. We cooked some catfish nuggets and I made some homemade baked beans and cole slaw. We watched the games and went to bed fairly early.

I slept in Sunday while Al got up at 6:30 am for some crazy reason. I'm glad in a way...he tends to toss and turn when he's restless. He's one of those people who can't do it quietly. He has to make the bed shake. Bed-shaking is good but not when you're trying to sleep.

I cooked a late breakfast and we decided to do a bit of house cleaning...or rather I ended up doing it. He went outside to trim the hedges and ended up edging his drive. Which took longer than my sweeping and mopping did! So I sat on the couch, ate some grapes and drank a Hornsby ale...and watched a SNL show on some obscure channel. It featured Will F skits. Some were really funny.

Cooked a beer-butt chicken. Made my secret lentil bean soup and some roasted potatoes. Al devoured it. He kept talking with his mouth full...but it was acceptable...because he kept saying 'Yummm... you've out done yourself this time, SherBears.'

We watched a little TV and then went to bed. I know this sounds boring but there were some X-rated moments that I'll keep secret.

Talked to Lisa for a while Sunday about Easter. I guess we'll go to Mom's John's farm. She said that William and Ben are going to have a special Easter Egg hunt just for me. I laughed. They're going to hide the eggs and I have to find them. Hmmmm...how hard should that be???

Mom's John bought a colt this weekend. His name is Chipper. He's 11 months old. The person who had him didn't talk great care of him. When we would go to Mom's John's house, we drove by the man's farm. The colt would be in a pen by itself, standing under an oak tree. But he's got a good home now. John takes care of his animals. The colt's name is Chipper because his mom's name was Chocolate. Ben's very excited. So am I. We had ponies and horses on the farm when I was growing up. It's been a long time since I've been around a horse and I've missed it. John had an old horse, Miss Dot but she died when Ben was about 2. She would let you pet her but she wasn't riding material. John has some work cut out for him, regarding Chipper but I know he'll do it right.

I'm sure there will be pictures here soon...

Last night Ben and I played 'Go Fish.' He won both games. Then William joined us and I was the one who lost. So my 'punishment' (I guess this is the latest way to play the game---if you lose you're punished)--is that I have to "live with the fishes."
I don't mind so much...as long as I'm not mistaken for sushi.

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