Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter ...and other things

This week has been sort of hectic. The bright spot of the week was Wednesday...when I chatted with J for a while. Always a smile from that man. :)

Today I've been working on some really hard restorations. I've finished up the easy stuff, so I have no choice but to work on the hard ones. It's quiet today at work. Though there is a Prom tonight at one of the county high schools. We've got a few appointments for later. The courthouse is closed and so are most of the lawyer offices. I went out a bit ago and counted a total of 6 cars down the street. Guess everyone is at Walmart-vegas buying up Easter stuff.

I'm hoping I'll get home before 8 tonight. I'm burned out today. The hard restorations tend to be the culprit.

The boys will at my house in the morning. I promised Lisa I would watch them while she went to town to get some things. They want to make a hip hop video. So I guess I'll have to get the web cam up and see if I can get sound. It should be a hoot. If we do it, I may put it on You Tube. If I do, I'll link it here.

Since Doug and I made up and are now email friends, he's been emailing me once or twice a week with updates on Emily. He promised to bring her by soon. I really would love to see that child. She still has a place in my heart. It was sort of awkward at first...writing to him, but we're back to the way we were before--discussing Survivor, movies and some current events. I thought Al would be worried about our friendship becoming more but he hasn't shown any jealousy so far. Maybe because its only online and Al's not worried about it. Or maybe because I reassure him that he's the main object of my heart's attention and that I have no desire to go beyond friendship with Doug.

Sometimes I think back to the days when I spent so much time online, investing heart and soul into an 'online relationship' and I realize now, that though I did and still do love a few of these old 'loves' that nothing can take the place of a real flesh and blood relationship that is built on trust, love and passion. I don't lose sleep over drama online anymore. Instead I dream of the kisses I have before I sleep and the promise of more when I wake. That's the difference between online love and real life love--the touch of flesh as well as the touching of souls.

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