Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Bunnies, Egg Salad and... poop

Well, I hope everyone had a decent Holiday weekend. Mine was very groovy and cool..literally. We had on coats Sunday during the Easter egg hunt. Which was fun. Though the boys got too excited to hide a bunch of eggs for me. They did hide one..and promptly forgot where it was. My sister and I spent half an hour trying to find it. Ben told us it was in front of the house and we spent a while there looking until I remember the guys skulking around the side of the house...so we looked there and I found it.

I was a bit worried that Al wouldn't have fun. He's not used to being around kids or doing 'family stuff' since he's estranged from most of his family. Yea..he's got a bad case of "Black sheep" syndrome. But he had a blast. He helped hide the eggs. Kept the boys from charging out the door before we were ready. Spent some time playing with them and when he wasn't playing with them, he was talking to my brother and Mom's John.

When I had free moments, I would go to the fence and whistle for Chipper, the super horse. Ben says Chipper has super hero horse powers. Ben knows all about Super Heroes so I'm taking it as truth. lol... but seriously, the colt is pretty. He needs a good grooming but until he's more used to John F, he won't get it for now. The previous owner didn't work with Chipper, just left him in a roped off section of a fence under an oak tree. The poor horse had to stay out during all sorts of weather. Mom says he won't come to her. She came out while I was at the fence, whistling for him. And was shocked to see him come to me. She went inside and told John that I was charming the horse. Can't say I was doing that. I just know horses. He'll be a good one if John works with him. I hope he does. Nothing is worse than a mean stallion.

Al and I went to see one of his friends after we left the Easter Egg party. Poor William cried, wanting to come with us. He told my sister that I was his "momma." I would have taken him with us, but he would have gotten bored fast. So last night I let him stay with me. He was happy as a flea on a hound.

Anyway, back to Al's friends. What a sad pair! They have no ambition except to party. The house was a total mess. I was afraid to sit anywhere and there was dog poop in the kitchen. Once I saw it, I was ready to go! I'm sorry, but if you don't respect where you live and don't try to keep it clean, I have no use for you. Al thinks that he can talk this guy into making his life better. I told Al as we drove home that the guy is happy in his pig sty with his other piggie party friends and until he's ready for a change, Al's just wasting his time and breath...and I'm not going back. Sorry, but that's just how I am.

Al's cousin came by after we got back to Al's house. He's funny. Al got a call from someone and while he talked, his cousin and I discussed childhood stuff... like the time I almost blew up the smokehouse with a bottle of moonshine, a rag and some matches. Hmm...I think I was about 9. The only thing that saved it, was that I couldn't figure out where to strike the match. I hated that smokehouse. There were other stories I told and we laughed. Then he told some and we laughed. After he left, I told Al that I wished his other friends were like Dennis... good-natured, funny and working. I can respect that about him.

I had egg salad last night. I really don't care much for boiled eggs that have dye on their fleshy white parts. So I cut them out and used what looked good to make egg salad.

Today has been a strange day. Had a disagreement with Dad over family matters and he's been gone most of the day. One of my cousins says that we should never disagree with out parents. I think that's a crock. Every person is an individual and should stand up for themselves when they have an opinion that means something to them. Just because I disagree with my father doesn't mean that I don't honor and respect him. I'm just being an adult and standing up for my rights to have an opinion--that's my own. Not his!

Think Al and I are going fishing at the beach this coming up weekend. At least I hope so. Need a break for the city life.

Oh, I do have photos to post. Will try to do so tonight.

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