Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Hump Day

Where did the last few days go???? I thought I had blogged but I guess I was daydreaming.

I've had to work on the Bridal Portraits from hell these last few days. Dad tossed the files at me Friday as I was leaving work. So I came in Sat and worked on them for 5 hours...then Monday and Tuesday, I invested another 14 hours (total) and just now have finished--that's another hour. Basically, these photos (5 in all) have sucked the life out of four days! Now I'm behind in my own work and...on top of it... I promised William I would go on his field trip to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC tomorrow.

Al and I finally went on our fishing trip. Our plan was too leave at midnight and fish the incoming tide. I thought to myself, 'Hmmm... better check the tide charts.' So I discreetly went online while he talked to one of his Lumberton friends. High tide wasn't in the am, it was at noon. I kept the page open and when he was done with his conversation, I called him into the computer room and showed him the chart. He wouldn't have believed me would have accused me of faking it so I could sleep in. He knows me too well... heh heh.

So we left at 7 am instead and got to Holden Beach around 10 am (Al is a pitstop kinda guy--while I'm a let's hurry and get there girl). We had a lot of fun. Didn't catch anything because the water was too cold. I was so excited that I drove Al crazy every time the tip of our poles bent, mainly from the surf. He sent me on a 'snipe hunt'--at the beach aka as a shark tooth hunt. I let him think I wasn't aware of it and enjoyed a long walk down the strand and back. We left around 2 pm and drove to Myrtle Beach. I think we got home around 10 pm. Both of us were tired. I got a slight sunburn on the back of my neck and the tops of my feet. While I was lathering 45 SF lotion on my skin, Al asked me to do something for him and I forgot to finish applying the sunscreen. Yikes! It's a lot better today.

We had a lot of laughs. The Swamp Fox rollercoaster in Myrtle Beach is gone now. But there are still a lot of other famous sites still up. I took a few photos and will get them posted in the next few days.

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tooners said...

have always heard that myrtle beach is really nice. looking forward to the pics.