Monday, April 30, 2007

Things to write ...later

I am way behind in blogging. Here are some posts to look for this week:

1. Pictures of the beach trip.
2. Pictures and thoughts on the zoo trip.
3. An update on my writing and upcoming projects.
4. Al and his new kittens. He's such the cat daddy.
5. Birds
6. And other groovy cool stuff.

1 comment:

tooners said...

i have been wondering about you.... even tonight when i finally had time to visit blogs that i haven't visited in forever, i found myself thinking about you. i went to your other blog but it hadn't been updated since december, and then i wondered and hoped that everything was ok in your family. how's ur father? sounds like Al is feeling better now. that's good to hear.

i will bookmark this page because i lost all my blog contacts w/ the computer at work... so many that i loved to read, i forgot the addresses and such. funny what pregnancy does to the mind... and i still feel the emptiness from that! ;)