Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Jukebox in my Head

Taking turns playing on the jukebox in my head today are: The Curly Shuffle and the music that plays when the cowboys get together in Brokeback what's up with that???

I watched it the other night...was in the mood to see it from start to finish..I think it's one of those movies that you can't watch for enjoyment... you have to be in a solemn or intense mood to watch it.. Heath Ledger sure does play a great role. I have to say it's his movie for sure. And he plays the role of Ennis Del Mar with an intensity of emotion that leaves me feeling his loss and grief.

...which is probably why the Curly Shuffle keeps interrupting the music for Brokeback.. it's hard to think about a doomed love affair when Curly interrupts with "look at the grouse" .."Woof woof"

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