Friday, April 13, 2007

The Curler Shuffle

Do you remember the Curly Shuffle song from the 80's?At the Old Rafter's bar in Greenville, DJ Jeff Diamond played it at the end of the night. I had a copy of it but heaven knows what happened to it.

Well me and my friends we all love to see

Comedy classics on late night TV

Those knuckleheads love to get in a scuffle

They push and they shove doing the Curly shuffle

Hey Moe hey Moe

hey Moe hey Moe

Well nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

(Look at the grouse look at the grouse)

Look at the grouse look at the grouse

(Woof woof)

woof woof

Well we never miss a chance we get up and dance and do the Curly shuffle

Anyways, that has nothing to do with this post. Just thought of it when I wrote the title.

My hair is mainly straight, but as it gets long it has body and wave to it. The problem I encounter is getting it to wave like I want. I hate hot curlers and curling irons. The logical option to me is ...velcro curlers/rollers. I have a gazillion of them in three sizes for different lenghts I like to wear: Long in the winter, medium in the spring and fall and short in the summer.

Al called last night to discuss our plans for the weekend--we're going to surf fish at the beach. During the middle of the conversation, he said, "Hey I meant to tell you. I found something on my coat the other day. Guess what I found?"

Oh my, I love guessing games. I silently said 'Whee', clapped my hands and shook with excitement. I jumped right in with guesses, rapidly firing them. "A stain you can't get out? Lint? Lipstick? Melted chocolate? Cat hair? Fleas?"

"No, no, no... stop," he said, "I found two of your curlers things. No, let me correct myself...a lady in the line behind me at Food Lion found your curler things. They were stuck to the back of my coat. Do you know what she said?"

"Hmmm...'You're losing your curlers?' That's what people tell me when I've got one stuck somewhere."

In his sternest voice he said, "Yes, that's what she said. And she didn't bother to hide the laughter. Talk about embarrassing. Sherbears, you've got to keep up with them better than you have been. I find these things all over the place. There were some in the yard last month."

"Well Al, put them in that drawer in the bathroom where I keep my girl stuff. I don't need them. I've got a bushel of 'em here."

And that conversation got me to thinking... I believe some of the curlers are trying to run away. I find them everywhere: on my sleeve, on my pants leg, on the seat of the truck or the back of the seat of the truck, on the floor of the studio, once in the parking lot beside my truck, in Al's truck... the list goes on. Mom finds do the nephews. Most of the time they find them outside. Mom found one close to the street in front of the house. I ponder over this sometimes..."Just where are they trying to go?"

To some obscure region where velcro runs free?

I've thought about numbering them, so I can figure out if it's the same ones that are trying to escape or if it's a collective whole. I make jokes about this to Mom and Al, but on the inside I'm sort of serious. Course if they knew this, I think they would take the velcro curlers away from me and I would never solve the mystery.

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