Saturday, March 24, 2007

My week!

I didn't get a chance to blog all week due to work and other thingies.
Al and I spent the weekend watching the NCAA turney. It was fun. Mainly because Al gets so animated. I laughed a lot.

Monday and Tuesday were very very hectic. I had some heavy deadlines to meet and managed to do so. Tues night there was a fire at the old Blackmon Furniture building. It was gutted and much of downtown was without phone service Wednesday. You would think I would have gotten a lot of work done but I didn't. The smell of cinder kept seeping into the building and gave me a headache.

Thurs and Friday were spent on photo orders. I did manage to get online and read J's blog, go to my space and write to some of my friends. (Hang in there, Jo)

Going to Al's later and staying until Monday morning. Then it's back to the grinding stone.

What a boring blog this is!

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