Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Build A Bear?

I went with Lisa and the boys to the build-a-bear workshop at Cross Creek Mall on Saturday. William picked out a bear that looks like curious George and clothed him in a spiderman outfit. He called him "Curious Spiderman George."
In case you've never heard of Build-a-Bear-Workshops, here's how it goes. You pick out an unstuffed animal form. Bring it to the check out area and give it to someone who looks like they know what they're doing. One of the employees holds the bear form against the stuffing machine and the kid who wants to own the precious toy preses his foot down on a peddle that makes the stuffing fly into the toy. After it's stuffed, the kid takes a fabric star, makes a wish, kisses it and the employee puts it inside the toy. Well, when it came time for William to make his wish...he made a long one. At least 30 seconds. People waiting in line to stuff their
animals began to laugh. Lisa finally said, "William, I think your wish is long enough." And the employee girl (who had bright orange toenails) said, "It's ok. Some kids need extra long wishes." Ben went with a wolf and put a superman type outfit on it. Lisa spent over $60. It was fun. I enjoyed it even if it's expensive. But I don't see myself getting me one anytime soon.

Unless there's a stuff a GI workshop... I'm all for that.


John said...

and here I thought it'd be the GI that stuffs....oh never mind

Painter Lady said...

You know...with the big dance starting...and seeing how Al's a big ACC fan, maybe I'll start a 'Stuff-A-Sherrie' workshop until March Madness is over.