Saturday, March 24, 2007

Granny at her Birthday party

Granny enjoyed her party. Just my family went... I think if too many people had of been there it would have overwhelmed her. She was in good spirits. The boys played nicely and didn't get too loud. After our beach trip, Granny and I went into her room and looked at old family photos. She remembered a lot of them. After we finished, we had cake and ice cream. She blew out her candles without help. William ran off when he saw that she didn't have any toys but Ben stuck around to watch her open her gifts. She didn't show much interest in them until she opened the present I gave her--a box of candy. She said, "OOOOoooh Candy!" Ben came over and said, "Candy's always good, Granny." Which made her laugh and I caught it on camera. was a good day!

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