Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dressed to Stress

That sounds like a romance novel title... well, maybe not.

Today and yesterday have been very hectic at work. I've got a bunch of orders to finish by Sat... Made good headway today. Let's hope tomorrow is just as good.

I'm grounded. William caught me playing with a toy of his and said I couldn't get on the computer, play music or read for fun for a whole year.

So don't tell on me...ok?

My brother is treating me to dinner at a cool restaurant that has buffet and also menu items. He'll get a T-bone steak--well done, fries and yeast rolls. I'll get the buffet, but will only have salad and veggies. I'm hoping it's not some sort of 'meat' night. Last time we went they were having BBQ...everything, chicken, pork chops, beef name it...they lathered it in BBQ sauce. Which means there weren't as many veggie items to choose from.

Survivor comes on tonight..I think it's jumped the shark and will probably channel surf through most of it. But on the bright side, a new CSI episode follows.

Now that Rome (HBO) is finished, I don't have much to look forward too...on TV that is. There are the final NCAA games this TV isn't lost for now.

Rome was one of the better HBO series. I may write about it soon. Depends on how ambitious I am...

and ain't happen'.

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