Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Moment to Breathe

As Usual for this time of year, things are hectic at the studio. I've got a zillion pictures to copy or restore and it's all I can do to keep up with the work, answer the phone and deal with customers who walk in.

I pulled a muscle in my right upper thigh at belly dance last night. It was our last class until Jan. So I've been hobbling around. I finally took a midol, to see if it would relax the muscle.... but instead my womb is all fluttery..haha just kidding.

Finally got around to putting ornaments on the tree last night. Mom was there too. I kept showing her ones that I had made over the years. I said, "I don't make them anymore." She said, "When you're retired, you'll be able to get back to doing your 'crafty' things."

When I'm retired!!! Hell, I want to be in Florida, sipping martinis and playing golf....or at least driving the cart.

Dad's back to his usual holidays blues and stress. He tries to speculate about the business--sets his goals at unreachable heights and gets depressed when things aren't like he thought. It's getting to the point this year, where I dread walking in the door if he's here. When he's out doing errands I can breathe. But when he walks back in that door, a black cloud forms in the air and all I can think is..."There has to be a better work environment out there somewhere."

I'm seriously considering a career move. It's something to chew over in the new year.

Other than is status quo.

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