Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beta? You Betcha

I'm not sure I like Beta stuff. A spyware program I use has gone to beta and I can't make heads or tails out of it. Glad I kept the older version. And yahoo messenger... it's beta and I can't keep it logged on for some stupid reason.

So what's the big deal about Beta? Does anyone know or do you really care!

That's what I thought.


John said...

Beta - that means we have this new program/version of a program that we're introducing. We worked most of the bugs out and we think it's ready, but we don't want to pay someone to test it and find the rest of the bugs. Therefore, we'll put it out there so people can use it, and we'll tell them that's it's beta, so they can't sue us if it doesn't work. They'll agree to use it and get all the groovy cool features we put in it, but if they find bugs, we're not responsible. If we're lucky, they'll find the rest of the bugs for us. We'll fic those and put it out there for real.

John said...

Kinda sounds like Dogbert, doesn't it?

icecold1967 said...


Ha. Gotcha said...

I work in the business and it's all fancy complicated stuff to drive us all crazy. And it's good at that.