Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End of July

Today is my sister's birthday. Happy B-day, Sis!(I wrote this like she reads here..lol) Oh well...

We had a birthday dinner for her last night. Home-made spaghetti with meatball sauce. Was very yummy. And cake, though I didn't care for all the frosting. Makes the cake too sweet.

Granny has been visiting since last Friday. She's going home this Saturday. I miss the old Granny. The one who talked and talked...the one who got jokes and made them. I miss hearing about the old days and the stories of her youth..and even though I've heard them a zillion times, I still want to hear them over and over. Now, she's just a shell of herself. She walks around in a daze, as if trying to remember her purpose. My heart cries. Alzheimer's is so terrible.

Dad goes in for his heart catherization tomorrow. I'm taking the day off to go with him, since my sister or my aunt can't. He thought he could work afterwards. I put my foot down and told him that if he doesn't rest at home, I would quit my job because I don't want to see him bleed to death. So he's going to go home like a good dad and rest. He may think he's fooling everyone, but I know that if he could come to work afterwards, it wouldn't be for work...it would be to get sympathy. He sure likes his with gatorade.

I sound so disgruntled. I'm not...just stressed and that's what a blog's for...venting about anything.

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Bob said...

My thoughts will be with your Dad, and I hope he does obey and rest... and I know how hard it is with your Granny, not having things the same... hugs, hon :)