Tuesday, July 31, 2007

William on ....

being right or wrong.

Saturday, William was playing one of the PS2 football games that my brother has. He wanted me to watch and so I did for a while. The defense blocked a pass by the quarterback and I said, "William, that pass was blocked."

He said, "HUH?"

I said, "When the quarterback throws a pass and the defense stops it. It's called a block."

"No. It's a flag."

"Most of the time, a flag is thrown down. But it's really a block."

"No...a flag, Sheerie."

and so the arguement went on... until he said, "I'm trying to correct you and you're trying to incorrect me."

Well, what can I say... sheer brilliance. I realized then that William's gonna have his own form of secret language.

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