Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Theme Sundays

I had a decent weekend, especially since Mom's on the mend. We had a horrific rain storm Saturday as I drove to Fayetteville up I-95. Traffic drove at a crawl and I prayed all the way. The DOT has been working on the road and the shoulder was non-existent, so I couldn't pull over. When I got to Al's I almost kissed the ground.

I didn't cook Saturday night. Al had some left-overs and ate them. I made a spinach salad and ate that. We sat and talked about different things and waited for the Power Ball number to be called. We won a ticket. I had a good feeling about two numbers and surprising they were two of the numbers they picked... 21 and 27.

Sunday I slept in. I got up at 11 am and Al picked on me for being a sleepy head. He had already ate breakfast, so I made a sandwich and ate some kiwi. He left and did a few errands while I got a shower and made plans for dinner later. When he got back, he wanted lunch and since I had just ate, he made a sandwich.

While I watched him make it, I suggested things that would make our Sundays more interesting ...like doing a theme. I said, "You know, we could make Sunday's more interesting...like doing a theme. Say... next Sunday we'll wear hats. And the Sunday after that, we'll only say words that begin with a P."

He laughed. Al's still sporting his beard, which gave me an idea... "Hey and the Sunday after that we can have Beard Day...braid our beards and put jewels and stuff on them."

He scratched his beard and said, "You don't have a beard."

"Have you ever heard of a clam beard?"

"Yes, it's that fuzzy thing on clams and mussels that you have to clean off when you cook them."

"No, it's a 'hairy' lucy."

He actually stopped putting mayo on his sandwich and stared at me. "A Lucy?"

"You know...my... er... kitty cat...er.. female pleasure zone."

He fell over laughing. "Pleasure zone."

"Yes, well when it's hairy... I mean really hairy, I call it a bearded clam."

"That's totally scary. I'll never eat clams again. Nor look at a female pleasure zone for fear it will grab me. You've ruined it for me, Shere Bears."

"Don't know why..." I said, "Your clam digger is perfectly safe."

We were quiet for a while, until it dawned on me..."Hey, we better make Bearded Sunday sometime in September. Because it will take it take long for my beard to grow."

Al doesn't know it yet, but this Sunday's theme is going to be 'whipped cream.'

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