Friday, July 06, 2007

The 6th of

I never realized how much I really used my PC at home until I couldn't. Nothing has worked on fixing the winlogon.exe... so now I have to buy a new product key code and reinstall XP. Sucks eggs but that's life. And what did Shere learned? She learned not to touch things she shouldn't without proper supervision.

Dad got Mom an appointment to see his doctor Monday. And the doctor promptly sent her to the hospital where she stayed until yesterday afternoon. She did have a deep venous thrombosis aka a blood clot and was given shots for a few days and then released. She has to give herself shots for a few more days and take the meds they gave her. After she recuperates, the doctor is going to do some tests to find out why she keeps having blood clots. I'm so thankful for Dad's influence. I had called that morning..trying to get her in but there were no appointments until Friday and I was so afraid the blood clot would move. She's at my house and doing a lot better. I think she's going to go to her boyfriend's house over the weekend. If not, Lisa and the boys will be there most of the time.

As for Dad...he got what he has wanted for the last two years.... blockage. As I've written before, Dad's been trying to get the doctors to tell him he needs a catherization (aka Stints) for the last two years and three different doctors could not find any blockage. Their advise was to stop smoking, stop stressing, diet properly and exercise, which he hasn't done... and this time, they did find blockage. He goes for a sonogram next Wedn and then at the end of the month, they'll do a catherization. I pray that this time, Dad will listen to the doctors and try to take better care of himself.

Al's finally over his diverticulitis. We had a great 4th. Went to his cousin's house for a BBQ. They had some great food. That morning Al and I had a long lingering exotic moment and I swear it stayed with me all day. I was walking around on clouds. When it got too hot outside, we went in and sat around talking and eating Watermelon. I was seated on the couch with the teens and Al sat at an angle from me by the fireplace. I couldn't stop looking at him and grinning. When he caught me, he would grin widely and we would sort of laugh. I'm sure everyone wondered what was going on. When we got home that night and after I called and checked on Mom, we turned in for the night and neither of us said anything. We wrapped ourselves around each other and fell asleep.

Sometimes my heart spills over when I look at him... how can I possibly love this man as much as I do?

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MATTOB said...

you should get a mac, i thought you were an art lad for heaven's sake!